Using the wot-tac is simple.

First, find the bearing of the true wind direction.

Second, set the bearing into the dial, which clicks every five degrees

Then move the pointer arm to the same bearing

wot-tac is ready!

Use it once you’ll never sail without it

Welcome to wot-tac

In a sport where every second counts

The wot-tac is the truly revolutionary device that is essential for all sailors who race competitively. As well as predicting start line bias it will predict wind angles and, more importantly, for windward/ leeward sailors whether a gybe set or bear away set is preferred. For sailors who sail Olympic or Trapezoidal courses then wot-tac will predict the angles.

The wot-tac is a simple boat shaped device that does a number of different things to assist the keen racing sailor. The wot-tac is a hand-held device that provides four pieces of essential information for the racing sailor

  •  Start line bias –  a simple and accurate method
  •  The direction of the wind over the side of the boat when the wind bearing is known
  •  The angle of an Olympic and trapezoidal courses
  •  The preferred set on a windward/ leeward race saving valuable seconds.

In a sport where every second counts use wot-tac and win.

“Wot-tac is a brilliantly simple tactical aid…”