We are always interested her at wot-tac about new gadgets that can help sailor and non sailor alike and we’re delighted to offer a fishing drogue for all keen lough and lake fishermen.

Are you always spending time correcting your drift?

Our fishing drogue is the simple and neat solution.

How does it work?

Nearly all boats have a tendency to drift to the stern. By changing the angle of the boat to the wind, it should be possible to control the angle of drift. And this of course id the secret to managing the boat successfully. Traditionally, when drifting a lough, an oar is trailed amidships and the direction of drift is controlled by regular application of a strong fore-arm.  Indeed, a skilled boatman will be able to control a boat’s drift with remarkable precision – which is fine if you always have a skilled boatman to hand.

But if you’re fishing alone then controlling the drift and fishing may not be that easy. This is where our drogue provides the simple and effective answer thereby enabling you to fish successfully without having the constant be using oars to adjust the drift.

Read an abbreviated version of an article written by Dr Digby Lewis in the Trout and Salmon magazine – click here.
Our drogue is supplied with a handy carrying bag.