By using Tacktick and Wot-tac together you can get many more answers than just the numbers, whether in a dinghy or a keel boat. The Tacktick’s prime function is to give you a compass heading in a digital form. The Wot-tac is an essential tool for the sailboat racer at a fraction of the cost of any other instrument. There is no other instrument on the market that will give you so much useful information for the price of a few beers.

It works hand in hand with the digital read out from the Tacktick compass, giving the wind direction over the side of the boat for any compass course, it makes identifying the start line bias simple, quick and correct. Also it will forecast the correct gybe to be on for windward leeward courses should there be a wind shift. TACKTICK ON ITS OWN WILL NOT GIVE YOU THIS INFORMATION.

For the dinghy sailor besides all the above it will work out the course to steer for an Olympic or trapezoidal course instantly and easily.

And for Keel boat racing round the cans it will give you the lay line to tack on for your windward mark. All of the above work in conjunction with Tacktick.

Tacktick gives you the numbers and Wot-tac gives you the answers to those numbers.