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Our kits have been designed by Jonathan Abrahams, the inventor of the wot-tac who has been a sail maker all his life. Jonathan has been involved with sailing for over 40 years and it’s this experience that’s gone into making these sail repair kits. Jonathan wanted to offer the best value sail repair kit around  – “I know from 40 years experience in repairing sails that getting the right kit is so important. I wanted the wot-tac kits to be the best on the market – no matter what sort of sailing you do.”

We believe that our kits represent the best value sail repair kits on the market.

The Blue Water is the complete kit that offers the most functionality and a complete set of needles and tape for the dedicated sailor. when you want to tackle a more effective repair to get you home then the Blue Water kit is the answer. Included in each of our sail repair kits is a handy bag made from recycled sail cloth with a Velcro strap that will hold all the kit in one secure place.

Blue Water Sail Repair Kit – £101.46 (inclusive of Vat @20%)

Customers from outside the EU do not pay VAT at the checkout.

Contents Include

  • sailmaker’s palm – please specify right or left hand palm
  • 15 assorted needles
  • 6 spools of fine thread.
  • 1 spool of waxed thread
  • 5m 1” webbing
  • 5m ½” webbing
  • 5m 8oz x 4” slit sail tape
  • 5m 6oz x 4” slit sail tape
  • 5m 4oz x 4” slit sail tape
  • 5m x 3” white light adhesive sail cloth
  • 2 x 2.5” awls
  • 6 push pins
  • 1 un-picker
  • 1 roll 9mm double-sided tape.
  • 2 wax bobbins
  • 7.5m x 2” white spinnaker repair TAPE


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