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I am always being asked to provide some helpful tips and advice for sailors coming into the sail loft. As I’ve been involved in the sailing industry and been a keen sailboat racing myself for over 40 years I’m always pleased to be able to offer some help and assistance. This time of year when the autumn is approaching and, certainly in the UK, the sailboat racing season is coming to an end it is time for every sailor to consider carefully how to look after their sailboat.

Here are some of my top tips

  1. Go to plumbers merchant and invest in a can of silicone spray. Not the WD-40 variety as this is sticking and attracts dirt and dust.
  2. If you have hanks on your head sales they need to be de-salted. A hose with freshwater will do the job perfectly adequately.
  3. Dry hanks out carefully and then spray with silicone.

I will be the adding some more tips for the keen sailboat racer over the next weeks so keep visiting the website.

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