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Americas Cup

Reading today about the latest reports form the states about the Americas cup – arguably the greatest sailboat racing. It’s great to see that next time the Americas Cup will be spectator sport (almost). The city of San Francisco has turned this sailboat extravaganza into an event. But the sums of money involved are staggering and i wonder what will become of the actual sailing and whether the sailboat racing and spectacle side of the event will take over the whole thing.


Vendee Globe Solo

This is arguably the most challenging sailboat racing event in the world. It is eagerly awaited every four years. Twenty skippers are lining up to take part and participate in this great sailing showcase. There are three Brits competing in this the most brutal of sailboat events and i wish them luck in their campaigns. Alex Thomson, Samantha Davies  and  Mike Golding are up against a dozen French competitors making this sailboat event a race dominated by the French

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wot-tac explained

Using the wot-tac is simple.

  • First, find the bearing of the true wind direction.
  • Second, set the bearing into the dial, which clicks every five degrees and then
  • Move the pointer arm to the same bearing.

wot-tac is ready!

Use it once you’ll never sail without it