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The last couple of weekends have been very disappointing for our sailboat racing in Pwllheli. The winds have been light and this has meant one frustrating race after another. So you might say that we’ve been praying for rain to make the best of our sailboat racing season. I was reading recently about kite boards and how amazingly small they can be. However they can carry a grown man at speeds approaching 60 knots. The really keen kite boarders get excited when they look for storm systems and the more dangerous it is the more exciting it becomes. I know there was a bit of controversy a few years ago about calling kite boarding sailing when there was an argument about world speed sailing record. All I know is I’d like to have more wind on Cardigan Bay for our races in the autumn season to be more exciting.

Pwllheli sailing Academy

Latest news on this exciting project that will increase the profile of sailing in Pwllheli and all over North Wales is that construction is due to begin on the sailing Academy in January. As is the case with so many of these projects funded publicly the Pwllheli sailing Academy has to be completed on budget and within a specific timetable. I’ll be blogging a lot more about this as the development begins.

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wot-tac explained

Using the wot-tac is simple.

  • First, find the bearing of the true wind direction.
  • Second, set the bearing into the dial, which clicks every five degrees and then
  • Move the pointer arm to the same bearing.

wot-tac is ready!

Use it once you’ll never sail without it