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Edinburgh cup
Arrangements are proceeding at full pace for the yacht racing of the Edinburgh cup at the South Caernarfonshire yacht club in Abersoch culminating next weekend. The Dragons provide really exciting yacht racing for the competitors and also for the spectators. A local boat yard has a Dragon delivered, brand-new in anticipation of the yacht racing of the Edinburgh cup and there are two more brand-new dragons that have been delivered by a low loader. Both of the dragons are covered in full protective covers and the rumours are locally that they belong to a husband and wife from Russia. I’m really looking forward to the yacht racing of the Edinburgh cup and although I won’t be crewing I will be on the water. I hope to get lots of photographs of the Dragon yacht racing which I will put up onto the website with this blog.

The Pandora class Association was started in Abersoch in the early 1980s in. The Pandora offers good yacht racing opportunities and although they aren’t building any more of them at the moment there is an active fleet. I was talking to a friend of mine who had been yacht racing his Pandora recently and he’s begun to use the wot-tac. He had been lying fifth overall and the other competitors in the yacht racing ahead of him were all setting up for a port pole. However Richard decided that he would consult the wot-tac and the wot-tac predicted that he should be using a starboard pole. As a result he went from fifth to first overall. It was a great way to end his yacht racing day. Using the wot-tac can help every sailor who is yacht racing to predict start line bias, the choice of the right sail combination after the Windward mark and predicts the wind over the side of the boat. When you’re yacht racing all these are crucial and no matter how big or small for every yacht racing enthusiast to getting over the start line first is important. And then when you’re in the middle of a fleet of yacht racing competitors being able to get ahead of the fleet is crucial. This is where wot-tac can really help the yacht racing enthusiast.

wot-tac explained

Using the wot-tac is simple.

  • First, find the bearing of the true wind direction.
  • Second, set the bearing into the dial, which clicks every five degrees and then
  • Move the pointer arm to the same bearing.

wot-tac is ready!

Use it once you’ll never sail without it