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29ers in Pwllheli

This weekend saw one of the premier dinghy racing events for the Pwllheli sailing club. The club was host to the 29er Grand Prix which is one of the principal training events for this class of dinghy racing. The 29 is an ideal dinghy for anyone to become accustomed to why dinghy racing is such an exciting sport.


The waters around Pwllheli sailing club are an ideal venue for dinghy racing and offer some fantastic sailing especially when there’s a south-westerly blowing. It sailing conditions around Pwllheli and Cardigan Bay that make the Grand Prix event so important for the dinghy racing calendar.


For every dinghy racing enthusiasts experiencing the sort of seas and waves that we have around Pwllheli is a really important part of honing their dinghy racing expertise. For those sailors who want to take their dinghy racing on 29ers to a new level then attending the Grand Prix is a crucial way of gaining that experience. Sailors on inland lakes and inshore coastal waters are unlikely to experience the sort of waves that we have in Pwllheli that every dinghy racing sailor should experience.


And another important event coming up early next year will be the RYA youth nationals which is another crucial event for every dinghy racing sailor. This will be held at Pwllheli and every dinghy racing enthusiasts who was at the Grand Prix this weekend will have been well acclimatised with the conditions so that by next year their dinghy racing expertise with being really honed.


And of course next year will be the Olympics and let’s hope that all the dinghy racing in Weymouth will be a fantastic spectacle and that’s Great Britain will once again be at the top of the leader board the various dinghy racing classes.

Congratulations to Henry Lloyd Williams and Sam Batten winning from Lymington with 20 points, from Ollie Cooper and James Poyner from Hayling Island with 25 points just beating Ian Payne and Chris Berry from Draycot Water with 26 points.

Local entries were Rob Morris and Greg Shelly,  Rebecca Morris and Molly Griffin from South Caernarfonshire yacht Club and local up and coming duo brothers Josh and Jake Davies from Pwllheli Sailing Club whose Dad is the skipper of the Porthdinllaen Life Boat .

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