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Edinburgh cup
The start of the Edinburgh cup yacht racing for the Dragons is almost about to begin. All the competitors in this yacht racing event have completed their registration and there are 43 Dragons registered for the yacht racing. The Dragons have come from various parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland and there are two competitors from Russia as well as from continental Europe. The Dragons provide some brilliant yacht racing both for the competitors and spectators. With Dragons they have a max crew weight of ….kg so most will have a crew of three but some may well sail with 4 up. there will be some exciting competition in the yacht racing regattas.
Best of luck to all the local competitors and Dragons competing in this yacht racing event.

After speaking with my old friend Richard Brown about his yacht racing experiences in a Pandora when he used the wot-tac recently I reminisced about some of the sails that I had produced for a Pandora in Abersoch. It is the sort of boat that can be used easily for yacht racing. I made a couple of unusual sails for the Pandora and the concept for the sails came from the yacht racing expert Dennis Connors who wrote a book “sail like a champion”. The basic concept was that the sail for yacht racing would use a high aspect jib of about 90%.overlap Eventually I designed a battened high aspect jib for the regular yacht racing that the Pandora was doing. This has since become known as ‘The Blade’ and was pleased that it worked for the Pandora’s yacht racing.

Everyone in Pwllheli is hoping that the new WELSH NATIONAL SAILING ACADEMY and EVENTS CENTRE will prove to be a big magnet to attract dinghy racing and yacht racing events to the sailing club. The Welsh government have committed a substantial amount of money to the development of the sailing club as a centre of excellence for dinghy racing and yacht racing and I really hope that the development will proceed quickly so that everyone in the town will get the benefit from the enhanced facilities.
The Royal Yachting Association have welcomed the development that aims to Pwllheli and the Marina into a premier dinghy racing and yacht racing venue.
Watch this space for a report on the meeting on Wednesday the 13th when the big guns from the council are meeting the public to tell us what they propose to do about the problems of the marina in Pwllheli.

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