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I was reading this morning about the amount of money involved in the Volvo Ocean race. It really is staggering amount of money for sailboat racing and probably in these chastened times unlikely to carry on. I know that sailboat racing is an expensive hobby but those of us who sail regularly must make sailboat racing and sailing inn general more accessible. Let’s hope that the Olympics recently has been a catalyst for many youngster and older generation taking up sailing seriously. After all without the general public enjoying sailboat racing then there would never be a market for these big companies to build their business.

Pwllheli Academi

The sailing academy is due to open in 2013 and the centre has secured £8.3m for the construction. Quite an achievement for Pwllheli and let’s hope it will bring in lots more regattas and sailing competitions and interest in sailboat racing from across the Uk and beyond.

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